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Driving in Bulgaria

Pay attention to the roads!

The minimum age for driving licence is 18 years old, but according to our regulations the renter must be at least 23 years old to have right for renting some of our cars. It's always necessary to have your driving licence and passport with you if you decide to stay somewhere overnight.

The roads:

Bulgarian roads generally are divided in first and second class roads and motorway as well. It's not very well maintained, there are parts inland with considerable path holes. Now it's running the campaign swapping the road signs to be with Latin and Slav letters altogether, which makes driving easier. Otherwise the signs are international as in most European countries. Certainly there are sometimes repairs on the road and you have to pay attention to the speed limits. In Bulgaria you have to drive on the right side of the road.

Speed limit:

The maximum speed in towns is 50 km per hour if there are not additional restrictions or limits. Outside the towns speed limit is 90 km per hour. The motorways have 120 km per hour speed limit.

Using the car parking:

Be aware of signs where car is picked up from another vehicle. If there are no signs for parking and it is not allowed to park ,there are special pick up services which will drive your car far away from the place, and service will cost you not only money but also many head aches, as well.

Traffic fines:

All the drivers must keep the traffic rules otherwise they are subject of consequence fines. Bulgarians get reports, while foreigners often must pay on spot excluding alcohol abuse. The fines for over speed are considerable nowadays, as the minimum fine is 50 Bulgarian Leva (approx. 25 Euro). There are some fines that could be paid in local police department or at the custom leaving the country. Immediately when you seat in the car don't forget to put your seat belts, the baby seats usage is not compulsory in Bulgaria.

Traffic police:

The cars of traffic police are white with longitudinal blue sign Traffic police. In case you are stopped by the traffic police you must present your valid driving licence, car log book, Third Party Liability Policy and technical inspection paper.

Petrol stations:

Most of the popular are Luk oil, Petrol, OMV, Shell, Opet est., where all major credit cards are accepted. Cash payment is common used. Its not recommended to refuel your tank at some suspicious small country stations. The big petrol stations are served by professional staff. Here you can ask to check the lubricating oil level, tires pressure or front screen tank refilling.

The cars accessories:

According to Bulgarian Traffic Law each vehicle must be equipped with first aid kit, fire extinguisher, spare wheel, lifting tool (jack) and wheel wrench, spanners, tug rim and triangle.

National emergency free phone numbers- 112

166 Traffic police and nearest police department

160 Fire- Brigade

150 Fist aid

146 Road assistance

112 Emergency call

Driving in Bulgaria guideline!