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The town of Sozopol nowadays is a very important cultural and fishing centre. Sozopol is situated in eastern part of the country on the Black sea cost some 43 kilometres from the Bourgas Airport and 155 km from Varna International Airport. It is situated on a tiny rocky peninsula in the southernmost end of Bourgas creek, jutting out in the sea between the bays Sozopol and Harmanite. The population is approx. 4350 people. Its nature is extremely beautiful terraces built hotels and houses, which descend to the sea water and very indented seashore line along which are steep cliffs, jutting out in the sea and small beaches, hidden in the creeks. The seaside has plants, typical of the Mediterranean.


The churches and museums stand from time of Revival and make evidence of old glories. The sea near peninsula has many rocks and reefs - some of them are hidden under the sea water, others protrude above the sea level, convenient visit with car rental Sozopol. According to Constantine Irichek and Shkorpil brothers, who were archaeologists, in the end of 19th century, the reefs Gata and Milos were small islands. Long ago, these islands were a part of the mainland. Today, only the island of Saint Kirik, the second in size, connects the breakwater with the peninsula. You can see direct from the windows of your rental car several independent islands in the sea. The biggest one is Saint Ivan and next to it is Saint Peter. The island of Saint Theodore is the smallest island on the Bulgarian seaside.

The climate is influenced by the Black Sea and by the air currents, coming from the Great Sea. Summer is hot and dry and autumn is long and warm. The average July temperature is 26,3C. Rainfalls are below the average level for the country and August is the driest month. The peninsula has long ago turned out to be small for the town. Since 80 years, it has been developing towards the locality Harmanite. The Old and the New Town coexist in harmony and create the spirit of this of National Revival. Today, Sozopol is the biggest discount fishing center along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and at the same time, a bit snobbish. The place is often visited by writers, poets, painters, sculptors and singers in Sozopol. There, you will see men of art, who are looking for inspiration and glory. The town has a base for underwater archaeological researches. Besides researches on the sea bottom, the base organizes exhibitions and popularizes its activity.


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Sozopol successfully combines historical monuments with modern architecture, tourist attractions with cultural events of national importance and is visit by many tourists when hire a car in Sozopol. Its beaches with unique golden sand are one of the town riches. The sea is calm here with many and diverse quiet creeks. The sea water is shallow and warm and it is also good for children. The town has several beaches - the Central Beach (between the Old and the New Town, which is always full) and "Harmanite" (in the New Town, bigger and calmer than the Central Beach). To the north of the town is the magnificent Royal Beach. A curiosity, associated with the beach "Harmanite" is that 10 years ago there was discovered the necropolis of ancient Apolonia. The oldest coat of arms was made 2000 years ago. Sozopol is enveloped with the romance of Bulgarian Renaissance and looks like a museum in the open - narrow streets, old houses, churches and chapels. The town annually hosts the holiday of arts "Apolonia". It is a festival of modern Bulgarian art.

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You can stay at a family hotel, luxury villa, or in an apartment. The camping sites near the town are much cheaper. They are called Kavatsite, Zlatna Ribka, Smokinya and Veselie. They offer bungalows of different categories. Behind the fence, you can park your caravan and car rental, or pitch up your tent. Besides town beaches, you can visit some of the beautiful beaches nearby. Sozopol has many restaurants, pizza houses, eating places, car hire offices, coffee houses and night bars. You will be highly pleased, if you visit one of the cozy private restaurants on the seashore, or a restaurant in a restored house. You can buy food in the food-shops and from the markets, selling fruits and vegetables. Fresh fish is sold at fishermen's quay. One of the attractions of this resort is a boat trip along Sozopol seaside, a visit to the islands and a Robinson Crusoe style picnic on a desert beach.