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Borovets is an internationally famous mountain resort set in the northern foothills of the Rila Mountains, wholesome air and recuperative climate. On an elevated position 1230-1390 m above the sea level, the highland resort is 10 kilometres south of Samokov and 27 km west of Kostenets (both small upland towns), not so difficult to be reached by car hire. The locality is encircled on all sides by century-old pine woods, with minus 4.0C average monthly temperatures in January and 15.2C in July. The average annual precipitations amount is to 930 mm, with a minimum in February and maximum in May-June. Locally, the snow cover endures, normally from 11 November through to 19 April, with deepest snow layer of about 126 centimetres in March, as the rest of the year many place for accommodation are available and car rental service as well.

Breeze is descending down the valley with fresh air and renders convalescing impact to the local climate. Borovets is the oldest Bulgarian mountain recreation and holidaymaking resort; the beginning was set in 1896. A gondola lift running up to peak of Yastrebets (2369 m above sea), chair lift to the Sitnyakovo and multiple drag lifts operate to facilitate visitors' stay on that resort or car hire in the summers. Available to anyone who's keen to feel the speed in sliding on a sleigh, improve his skiing proficiency or start mastering initial skills in skiing, or just watch winter sports competitions, are a number of shorter ski-run along various slopes down to Sitnyakovo, or starting high up from Mt Yastrebets (a real challenge), ski racing runs, a winter stadium for biathlon, ski centre and school, car rental and lots of other winter facilities.

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Summer- and winter villa- and bungalow settlements such as Yagoda (Strawberry), Malina (Raspberry), Polyana (Glade), rest houses, large villas, restaurants, bars, shops, car hire offices and attraction programme establishments stay open to make the time of your stay easy-going and insufficient. Well-organised and regular running bus or car rental contacts links are available to and from Samokov every 30 min), Sofia (72 km), Plovdiv (120 km), Kostenets (27 km), etc. Borovets dispose of all star hotels offering safety accommodation.

Borovets has one four-star hotel (Samokov), and seven three-star hotels: Rila (three stars), Olimp (three stars), Victoria (three stars), Bor (three stars), Edelweiss (three stars), Sokolets (three stars), Yastrebets (three stars), and some smaller hotels the major of which are Breza, Mura, Flora, Borosport, Zornitsa, Ela, Tintyava, Iglika, Kalina, Gorski Ray, as many of its offer car hire features. Officers of the local Mountain Rescue Service on round-the-clock duties are continuously at your disposal. Borovets is the basic jumping off point for the routes of ascent to the Moussala peak, 4 hours 30 min on foot south of the resort, one hour hiking will help you from the upper stations of the gondola lift to Mt Yastrebets reaching usually by car rental; and two hours to climb on foot from to reach the highest peak in Bulgaria Moussala.

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