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Ahtopol is set on the coast line some 15 kiloemters away from Tsarevo at 85 km distance away Bourgas. The town provides transport to Bourgas and all settlements with low cost car hire Ahtopol represented by TS Travel. There is a small port and a beach strip. The Strait of Bosphorus is located only 140 kilometers south.

The rocky cape Ahtopol and cape Yani protect the place from the cold winds. The climate is Mediterranean, bland, warm and salubrious and it's really a pleasure to drive car rental in the region. Here, you can feel the influence of three seas - the Black, the Aegean and the Marmara Sea. From here to the Turkish border there are the warmest places in Bulgaria with the largest number of sunny days and a few rainy days, which make resort prefered place for tourists having car hire. The average July temperature is 23C and the average annual temperature is 13C. The region is very picturesque and it is still not affected by strong urbanization.

It is said that it is ecologically the cleanest town in Europe. The Ahtopol beach is long over 2 kilometers. The shore is sandy with dunes very nice visible if you are passing by with car rental. Mountain slopes, which descend to the sea, indent the coastline into beautiful rocky creeks. The sea water is very clean, no dangerous fish. Water is shallow and warm - the temperature reaches sometimes about 27C.

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The resort is perfect for those, who would like to holiday far from the noise of restaurants and discotheques and travel with car hire. Here, you can stay at a vacation house, stylish bungalows, or at 2- and 3-star hotels and family hotels. Ancient Greeks, who founded a colony here, called the town Agatopolis - the city of happiness. During the Middle Ages, the town flourished as a commercial sea port. It is surrounded by a fortress wall. Many foreign ships stopped here and the port has been marked on the sea maps under the name Gatopolis. In 13th and 14th century, it became a pirates' center. After taken by Turks, Ahtopol preserved its importance as a harbor. A special firman defines the customs duties and taxes on goods, brought by ships. The town has a shipyard.

Ahtopol was given back to Bulgaria in 1913. Sightseeng includes some parts of the medieval wall, the church "Holy Resurrection" which was built in 1776 and keeps memories from the time, when settlement was a metropolitan center. It has precious murals. The old Greek school and the fountain with a built-in wall, depicting a Thracian horseman, are declared a cultural monument. Round tours by car rental obviously will concern visit of the river Veleka. The Veleka river is situated 5 kilometers southwards. It is the biggest river runs in Strandja Mountain. It springs from the Strandja mountain on the territory of Turkey and flows into the Black Sea. Its crystal clear waters are teeming with fish.

The river Veleka forms beautiful meanders in its middle part among karst rocks and waterfalls convenient to visit by 4 x 4 jeep. In Ahtopol you can see thick sea forests on the two banks near the river mouth pass the road by car hire. Flora is rich in rare species. We must mention yellow water lilies. Turtles live in the river waters here. The river has been navigable for ten years. Just before the river mouth to the locality Royal well. Tourist paths pass along the seacoast, you can also go on a boat cruise.

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