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Plovdiv is situated on the twobanks of the Maritsa River having six Tepeta (Turkish named hills). Important international roadways, which have links the East with Europe, passing the area and many tourists when hire a car in Plovdiv Airport. It is one of the oldest Bulgarian cities. The historical traces come from Stone Age. In the 4th century, when the Roman Empire was separated in two parts, the town was in the Eastern Roman Empire borders. The town is second important town in Bulgaria, situated 247 km southwest from Bourgas Airport

Climate and urban facts

With the course of time, the current urban area has concentrated largely alongside the two opposite banks of the Maritsa River which both sides have perfect conditions for round trips and Plovdiv Airport car hire journeys, on- and around the six neighbor hills, named as follows: the so-called Trihalmie (literally, the three-hill elevation or tri-hill), Sahat Tepe. the Hill of the Liberators, and Dzhendem Tepe Plovdiv is the geographic and economic centre of the Upper area of the Thracian Plain (lowlands).

The destination

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The Plovdiv Airport is located some 7 km away from Plovdiv and 8 km from Asenovgrad, on small turn off from main road connecting with Asenovgrad, that's why is very popular destination. The airport is diminutive and working during the winter with charter flights of foreign tourist to spend their holidays in Pamporovo. The town is best known as International Trade and fair centrum having large parking. So many tourist visits Plovdiv by plane or bus. In these latter days, here is twice a year (spring and autumn) the organizer and host-town of the internationally popular International Fair. In many aspects of its position and functionalities the town ranks, figuratively taken, to a second capital city of the country with customs, duty-free zone and car rental Plovdiv Airport services.

Transport information

The services at the station, or booked in advance at the railway booking office, 29 Maria Louiza Blvd., and at the Rila International Railway Travels Agency (booking office, 31A Hristo Botev Blvd.) - and bus links are also Hebros-Bus, 47 Hristo Botev Blvd., and the Ekspresni Prevozi bus station (servicing solely Plovdiv - Sofia destination). Wuth car hire in Plovdiv may getting around during the period of your stay in Bulgaria. Useful and detailed tourist information can be received from the Leipzig 91 Tourist Agency, 70 Rousski Blvd., the Tourist House, 5 Petko R. Slaveykov Str., as well as at the receptionist's of all hotels and the museums.