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Old Nessebar

Nessebar car hire

The town is the most attractive Black Sea town, the gem of our southern Black Sea coast even seen car hire Nessebar. It is a unique combination of ancient world and up to date architecture. The unique pictures road connecting peninsula with new district enjoy travellers with car hire in Nessebar every time they passed by. The old part of the town was included in the list of UNESCO cultural and natural heritage. The population of the town is approx. 8 700 people. The town is located in the picturesque area between Sunny Beach and Ravda village and become one with them, easy to visit with some car hire. The old town is situated on the peninsula connected to the mainland through a small stretch of land. The shore is rocky and descend sharply to the sea. The only land connection of old-town with the shore passes over the isthmus, stretching from the shore to the peninsula, at a distance of 400 meters. The new town is on the sea coast, have many car parks if someone is using car rental in Nessebar.

Surronding and facilities

Proximity to the International airport in Bourgas, makes it a desirable place to relax or visit the curious tourists. There are magnificent beaches, sand dunes and sandy beaches on both sides of the peninsula. The excellent weather conditions in the summer, the long beaches and undoubtedly the most interesting thing - historical monuments, which are everywhere, will make an impression upon you. You can stay at a family hotel, or rent a private room, furnished comfortably and multi-functionally. They offer all conditions of complete rest at reasonable prices. You can stay at a luxury hotel, or prefer the atmosphere of an old wooden house. Camping sites offer much cheaper stay, but offering car hire. The town has many restaurants, coffeehouses, eating-places and bars. Summertime, the town streets are full of tourists, many of them came with car rental Nessebar, who exceed many times the number of its inhabitants. Average July air temperature: 26C. Average July sea water temperature: 25C.


Nessebar is one of the most ancient towns in Europe and favourite place to visit by fly and drive car hire. This place has always been inhabited since the second millennium B.C. The good strategic position of Nessebar attracts consecutively Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantine and Bulgarians. All of them left their mark in cultural layers. The oldest part of the town is located on a rocky peninsula. The memory about distant past is substantiated with many findings and it is also preserved in legends and sagas. We think that the founder of this city was the legendary Thracian Melsas and the oldest name of this town was Melasmbria. Mesambria was one of the most important town on the Black Sea coast. It could be compared only with Appolonia (present-day Sozopol), which was its rival. The town has the orthogonal street network. The market was in the city center, at the place, where you can see today the remains from the Old Bishopric's Office.

Architecture and Revival

The Acropolis rose from the east on the Nesebar houses. It is a real pleasure to walk along the narrow cobbled streets of the old town and to feel the atmosphere of Bulgarian Renaissance. You can see here small squares using local car rental service, fountains and wooden two-story houses, car hire offices rising on the very street line, with dark edging. Bay windows and old eaves rise above passers-by. About 100 houses date from the period of Bulgarian Revival. By using car hire many sightseeing could be seen and many museums, spread everywhere in the town. The houses have unique traditional architecture. They were built in such a way that they can resist the wet sea air and winds. The ground floor was made of stone and the story walls are fragile, lined with narrow slats, which overlap each other and water drains along them. Unobstructed bay view and winding seaside convenient roads take pleasure for Nessebar car hire customers. Yards are small, because there is not much space on the peninsula and floor area is expanded by brought out bay windows.

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