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The new resort of Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) growing up from a small village in the 20th century to a very important tourist centre lies some 2 kilolemeters north from Sunny Beach and very close to Emine cape and 4 kilometers from the holiday resort Elenite. The location is pleasant for car hire in St. Vlas with unforgettable bay views and winding seashore streets and meadows in between. The distance to Bourgas is approx. 40 kilometers. Its population is approx. 4900 inhabitants. TS Travel provides car hire in Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas )and long term rental as well. An warm welcome awaits travellers by car hire in Sveti Vlas strolling the roads and public areas, relaxing in this peaceful town. New cars and cheap hire price create confidence in our clients. The town lying on the slopes of the Stara Planina (Balkan Mountain) reaching the seaside, forms the Sveti Vlas of spa and beach resort. St. Vlas attracts every year many tourists of Europe to spend their holiday using car hire services. The sea shore is covered by sandy beaches and crystal waters. Its climate is moderate continental having considerable Black Sea influence. The small sea resort of St. Vlas offers a good combination of fresh sea breeze and mountain air , which is better to feel by car hire and round trip. The mountain air and saturated iodine vapors are very useful for bronchial asthma and lung diseases, so the resort is visited all year around not only by tourists with car rental, but also by tourist from Bulgaria and Europe came by bus.

St. Vlas- history and infrastructure

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The beach here is narrow but there is unobstructed view to bay of Nessebar, which is even visible from the window of your car rental. Sveti Vlas is a constantly growing town, from small fishermen village to considerable beach and spa resort. The hills of the town are covered by many family run hotels and holiday apartment complexes offering car rental services, private houses and villas, many restaurants, cafes, discos and entertainment places. Historical trace shows that old settlement, called Larissa, was founded, during the second century. During the Middle Ages, along the slopes of the Emona mountain, there were many monasteries and chapels. The region was something like Mount Athos. During the 14th century, the village was named after the near monastery "Sveti Vlas". The holy martyr Vlasiy was a bishop in the Cappadoccian town Sevastia. In 316, he died like a martyr for Christianity. Christians revere him as a patron and as a healer of animals. The architecture of new Bulgarian development is in modern style. The roads are sufficient and driving car rental is easy and pleasant. Summer is hot and dry; the winter is mild and soft. Nowadays international signs meet the tourist with their car rental on the roads of Sveti Vlas.

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