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Primorsko is a small attractive town located on the Black sea coast, some 55 kilometers south-east of Bourgas. Its population is 2430 people. It is situated on a nice small peninsula at Kyupria cape, jutting out between two magnificent creeks - Satamopolu and Devil's Creek. During your visit will see the sea and on the back - the slopes of the Strandja mountain. The average sea level here is 16 meters. Oil cape is located to the north, Kiten is located to the south and have nearly merged with Primorsko. There is a beach between them and the Devil's river. TS Travel provides car hire Primorsko with new cars and professional service. It has regular bus lines to Bourgas and to the towns and villages on the southern Black Sea coast. The climate has Black Sea influence, but you can also feel Mediterranean influence. It seldom rains. A tourist summer starts in May and ends in October. The average July temperature is 23-24C. There is fresh breeze daytime and it is not hot, nights are warm here. Maximum temperatures seldom exceed 32-35C. Weather conditions are suitable for growing fruits, grapes and vegetables. Fishing is also very popular sport in the region. Primorsko is a pleasant small town with a lot of greenery and forests which is pleasure to see make tour with car rental.

Resort features

The resort is famous as a center of youth tourism. Its beaches are over 10 kilometers long - they stretch in the creeks Pearl and Devil's creek. The sand is fine and golden and the sea has a sandy bottom, shallow and warm. There are beautiful dunes, which occupy an area of 500 000 square meters. They are under state protection. Here, you can spend your holiday in at leisure, far from noisy tourist crowds. Its long beaches are an ideal place for sea strolls. North of the rocky Oil Cape, you will see romantic creeks, hidden between the rocks, where you can collect sea conchs and shells. Besides hotels, there are many parking lots for car hire, student hostels and 3 camping sites (the best is called Pearl camping site); you can also rent a private room, or a big house. Accommodation was renovated in the last years. You can taste in restaurants delicious fish delicacies, as well as Bulgarian cuisine. Nearby (by Devil's creek) is the International youth center, where summer vacations are organized for youths and university students. You can go there by the tourist attraction train. The former government residence "Pearl" is now a hotel complex. There is a magnificent beach with sand dunes.


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Tourist attractions are going on a boat cruise, or on a yacht cruise, picnicking on a desert island, underwater fishing, biking, tracking around the Strandja mountain, a visit to a Thracian temple and night bars and car rental tours. There are tennis courts and a tennis hall, a stadium and sports playgrounds, swimming pools, a horse base and for the little children. There are conditions for hunting tourism in the region using car rental off road vehicles. About 5 kilometers north of Primorsko are located the hunting reserve of the Ropotamo. Game includes fans, wild boars, rabbits, partridges and pheasants. Primorsko is a comparatively young settlement, but the region has been inhabited since ancient times. Archeologists have discovered ceramic vessels from Stone Age till late Middle Ages. Thracians toured round the seashores by ship, which can be proved by the many archaeological findings in the aquatic area of this town. During 16' century, the town is known under the name Zonarita. Later, they started calling it Kyupria - a bridge in translation, because ea bridge span over the Devil's river here. The near tourist sites are the mouth of the river Ropotamo and the natural reserves "Snakes island", "Arkutino" and Water lilies, mostly visit with car rental tours.

The swamp Stamopolu is located to the north. 7 kilometers away are the remains from the fortress Ranuli. Y The Devil's Creek is located south of Primorsko. It has an oval form, protected by the capes Kyupria and Atliman and rocky shores. The Devil's river flows into the north end of this creek. It springs from the Strandja mountain. At the river mouth, you will see a swampy area - the Devil's Swamp. The shores are overgrown with reed, water is teeming with fish here. The creek has a magnificent beach with dunes. Thracian settlement was built about 5 kilometers north of Primorsko in the locality Vulkov egrek (famous also under its Turkish name Beglik tash). You can go there on foot and it will take only 20 minutes, but by car rental Primorsko is much more pleasure. The stroll is pleasant and the path is marked. It is an exposition in the open - a unique Thracian temple, associated with the cult for fertility and Orpheus movement. Archaeologists define it as the earliest ever discovered Thracian megalithic temple in eastern Thrace, which existed during Bronze Age (12" century B.C.). They call it the Temple of the Holy Marriage between the great goddess mother and the god Sun. Your car hire journey through the area will reveal about 6 000 square meters fields. It has a central composition. It has giant rock pieces, partially cultivated by man and arranged in a certain way. Mysterious circles, ritual baths and a throne were hewn in the rocks.

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