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Please pay attention to these useful and professional tips! At first when you looking for car rental, preferred are local companies with their own fleet. In that way you avoid to pay extra cost for commissions with the company offering partners car rental services to gain profit and non familiar with clients' requirements. With increasing of petrol cost, driving bring about more troubles than advantages. During you stay in Bulgaria you need reliable car hire company. There are many ways to save more money if you are careful when sort it out Every time you're looking for worth affordable car rental must bear in mind: The international car hire companies located at the airports are much more expensive than local companies around.

Choosing a car hire company look at the rates, discounted rates and periods. You must have in mind the longer you rent the lower you will pay. A weekly price usually must cost you less than five or six days rates. If you're renting just under a week your better idea is to pay that rate and return the car early. Avoid purchasing insurance from the car rental company if possible. Check your credit card agreement at the time you are picking up the car. Extra driver always costs you extra. Always compare the prices and terms written underneath. Choose car rentals with clear terms and prices. Many low cost economy cars get better price to rent, give better result in saving money.

Most of the car hire companies usually offer best deals for economy and compact cars. If you will not use the space exceeding your requirements why pay for it? Compact and economy cars are very profitable. The price of the car rental costs more if you collect the car at one location and return at another one. Car rental companies must always give you a car with a full tank and you certainly must return it filled in. If you are offered fuel consumption for your expenditure, careful compare the price with local petrol cost. Some car hire agencies charge more than unusual for an additional driver. When you booking be sure that you getting quote for available cars only. If you careful read all above mentioned rules you may take less risk in your car rental. Take your time and carefully read the terms or whatever conditions company offers.

Avoid mistakes when booking or reserve car hire! Very cheap car rental offers and discounted prices are available in web sites. But not all are good deals. There are some important thinks that you must look out or your car hire might cost you much more than you planned. Here are some things you must not miss to do: Always check car condition. If a car accident happens with the car always give a call to the traffic police and the car Hire Company. Thus you will save your money to fix the damages which concern insurance company and Rental Company as well. When you collect the car check it carefully with representative of the company. Some companies practice is to take money from you for existing scratches or dents not declared in the agreement.

They know it needs some repairs but wait for rookie to pay for it. It often happens with big companies but it can be avoided if you learn that tips. Never miss to check the car condition together with the delivery guy. If you have a suspicion about something and have a camera use it. Remember the best deals that match your plans, searching the web! If you are using a company a few times, check its availability, if not Check online and compare with other different car rental offers. There are some possibilities to find car Rental Company asking your friends or familiar people traveling in one and the same destination or similar interest of live. Nevertheless that Internet is the best place for car hire deals, its worth to check and on above mentioned way.

There is another case. Sometimes your car rental reservation for any reason did not reach your inbox. In that case you must use the contact phone numbers and have direct possibilities to negotiate for car availability and price or send short message by your cell phone to give you a call. When read the term, make sure that you have got fully comprehensive price and unlimited mileages. Never accept the quote having some tax on mileages. At the time you sign the agreement, always check what time and where you must return the car to avoid extra payment out of your schedule car rental. As prior to split with delivery guy which is the closest petrol station when you have to return the car?

In that way you will avoid approximately estimation of tank capacity and save money. Always check the conditions if you can not return the car with full tank, how much is the cost of the fuel regarding the company tax. Check the car carefully when return it for lost items or new scratches or dents. Do not forget to take back your deposit. If you follow all the tips you do not need to worry about any cases and really enjoy your holidays or business trips in Bulgaria.

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