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How to find the best company for car rental

On most modern dynamic people eventually have to seek information about best company for car rent. If until now you have not used car services, you may be wondering how to find the correct company to which trust not only in the present moment, but to take advantage of its services in the future. Usually when we have to look for information about anything today, resorting to the Internet. This is the quickest and easiest way to contact the company that we need or to gain an idea of prices and requirements for hiring a car. Indeed, only the spelling of the words "car rental" or "rental car Burgas", you can find out how many companies provide these services. From the websites of vehicle rentals you can get clarity about how much it will cost you hire a car, what exactly is included in the price you pay, what discounts and additional services you can use and what is the size of the deposit must give in obtaining car. What are the possible return of the car and what about leaving the car in a remote destination? Many people who want to hire a car, looking for a way to travel quickly and conveniently from one city to another, they want to leave their car at the end point of your trip. If you have to travel from Burgas to Varna example, you can rent a car from Burgas and leave it in Varna. Thus facilitating the movement and you do not have to wait for a bus or other vehicle. Of course, the price of the cars is among the most important issues that concern the people who need rental car services. Different companies offer different prices, they are determined by the brand of the car, whether it is new or old model, whether car hire in strong or weak season, but also the length of time you need and where you want to return it. Surely renting a car required to make the bill and decide whether you will have the means to use these services, but also to determine if this is the most convenient way to travel for you. Companies from two, three or four people usually prefer to hire a car because it can travel together and split the cost, which is more convenient and profitable.

Why you start the Bulgarian trip from Bourgas

Some people say that all roads lead to Rome. In the summertime there are many options for a great holiday, but somehow the Bulgarian resorts proved they are among the good European destinations. So, many roads lead to the Black Sea, where the tradition meets modern era. There are two major cities on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – Varna and Bourgas. In the past 10 years Bourgas has made a great impact on the tourist business, as near the city were built numerous resorts and business buildings. Some of them are notorious for the foreigners and tourists from all over the world. Among these famous places are Nessebar, Sozopol, Sveti Vlas resort and the always cheerful Sunny Beach. One of the biggest challenge is to reserve a flight for the east Bulgaria, especially in the summertime. It is not a secret, that the Bourgas airport is one of the busiest tourist places, not only for the major Bulgarian cities, but it could compare with many other Balkan resorts. Bourgas is a good starting point for your Bulgarian journey. And it does not really matter what is the actual purpose of the trip – holiday, cultural tourism, sports activities or business meeting. You will never get tired to learn and explore new places in the beautiful Balkan country. Everyday could be much different from the previous, because Bulgaria has so many thing to offer. The local people are friendly and ready to help out the foreigners. The Bulgarian food is a great mix of Mediterranean and Eastern cuisines. There are many natural products, made in the country, which will delight the foreigners, tired of the so called “western plastic food”. Nonetheless, the country has many lakes, rivers and mountains, surrounded by charming guest houses and small hotels. So, do not hesitate and book your holiday. But do not forget to schedule your holiday with some back up, such as rental car services. The distances in Bulgaria are too long and stressful, especially if you want to take the local bus transport. You can save time and money, by choosing rented vehicle, right off the Bourgas airport. It is much more convenient and simple, than using the old-fashioned bus or train transport. With a rented Bourgas car you will have more freedom to visit places, which will accomplish in an incomparable manner your Bulgarian trip, vacation or business visit.

Renting car – freedom to travel

Summer season is full of challenges and adventures, especially if you are about to visit the Bulgarian seacoast and its beautiful cities. One of them is Varna and you can get to the residential area, simply by renting a vehicle from any part of the country. Most of the foreigners prefer the Burgas airport, as a starting point for their summer vacation or business trip. Why is it so? Mainly, because the Southern coast is preferable and more attractive, than other regions in the country. Nevertheless, in the southern Bulgarian cities live many foreigners, who have made Bulgaria their second home. Such areas are the Burgas residential towns and resorts, such as famous Sunny Beach, the towns of Sozopol, Pomorie, Nessebar and etc. But many tourist would love to explore the typical Bulgarian culture lifestyle, which is best presented in cities like Varna. You can rent a car, right from the Burgas airport, just to take a glimpse of the Northern Bulgarian resorts, such as the well-known and traditional Golden Sands resort. By visiting Varna, you are about to meet different cultural artifacts and beliefs. In the city of Varna are situated huge Armenian and Catholic communities, which make the area a multicultural and religious center. You can find various of old churches there and ancient monuments, such as the village of Phanagoria. The ancient place was a part of great political and economical center, which played a major role in the ages before the New Era. Getting around the city of Varna by car is not a painful experience, as it is very common for many resorts and big residential areas. Renting a car could save a lot of time, otherwise lost at the bus stations or railroad terminals. You will have spare time to visit the well-known Varna Dolphinarium and take a look at the beautiful frescos in churches, such as renowned Bulgarian place, called St. Assumption. If you get tired from the walkabout around the cultural artifacts, all you have to do is to opt for a blast at the local Sea Garden. The Garden is very popular among the visitors and residents of the Varna city. There are open plenty of restaurants which will fill you up with positive emotions and get you a more traditional taste of the Bulgarian lifestyle. Then you can hit the road with your rental company car to a new place, like.

Planing your trip in 2016 with TS Travel promotions

Up to 15% discount on cars for rentals Bulgaria. TS Travel is one of the leading car rental in Bulgaria. Recently launched long time ago expecting promotion for cheaper prices with which can save up to 15% of your money. Tourists who take a trip to the country are free to rely on the services of the company and obtain favorable terms and discounts. The reduction in tariffs is a new idea of management of the company to greater interest from customers. When making the reservation pay attention on offered extras for free. No matter what class car was chosen for holidays in Bulgaria. The promotion is valid for all international airports in Bulgaria and seaside resorts.

Examples of affordable offers at Bourgas Airport:

Ford Fiesta, Opel Corsa, Renault Clio, Opel Astra Estate
Opel Combo, Renault Megane, Opel Vectra, Opel Zafira

Burgas airport renovation goes on

Already comes the final stage of modernization which is carry on of the international airport of Burgas. In order to increase convenience for staff and introduction of new advanced systems in flight management is carried out reconstruction of tower traffic control. The idea of management is to repair and completed planning's before heavy traffic aircraft during the summer 2016. Current repairs are must due to the enormous number of flights in the summer and the increased number of destinations. Passengers will be pleasantly surprised by the completion of the new arrivals hall. The largest number of flights remains from directions England, Russia, Germany and Poland. Expected and increasing is the number of carriers of these destinations. Low-cost company Wizz Air schedule remains unchanged during the season.

New crossover Volkswagen

Finally the world market will welcome new hybrid made by world famous company Volkswagen. This is T-PrimeConcept GTE. It fully meets the most advanced requirements for hybrid cars powered by an internal combustion engine and electric motor. MW engine is 381 hp in total consisting of 135 hp of electric motor and petrol with 251 hp. The operating modes of the engines are several. The independent mileage driven only by the electric motor is 50 kilometers as autonomy. When operating in hybrid mode, both motors operate with optimal economical parameters. Acceleration to 100 km / h is done in less than 6 seconds. To extras of the model include transmission actuation as 4x4, multimedia screen with voice control, digital control system zone climate including the last row of seats. Experts said the model T-PrimeConcept will take place between the familiar and minivans of Touareg Tiguan.

Mercedes 190 E 2.3-16 is the new dream car of every European

Made for a short period of time during the rise of the automobile this car has become a model of memorable significance. Facts that define it as such kind of type are numerous. This is a cheap model compared to its peers, making it accessible to the large audience and automotive engine well known to the most of the residents living in the central Europe. He was awarded the hopes and dreams come true representing manageability, simplified undercarriage, and engine perfect proven advantages of several generations of car drivers. Third and most important is its sign as a world leader in automobile brand Mercedes superiority compare with its series production of first class car BMW M3. Possessing only 4 cylinders he has won acclaim both as a tourism model and on the world race tracks. Reliability is paramount. Furthermore, because of its distinctive design and comfortable equipment.

Ford Ranger conquered the market in Bulgaria.

Inherit the one of the most sought after in the world pickups F-150 is the new model of the Ford Ranger. Exposure after exposure, he continuously receives top value for design, safety and functionality. Its modern suspension in the luxury series Wild Track and super modern technologies such as warnings of a pedestrian in front of the car, tracking system on the roadway, cruise control, even recognizing the signs along the way it assigns as leader class. Market in Bulgaria will be 4 MW modifications as the engine is naturally the price. The engines are gasoline or diesel. Used in its manufacture the most modern materials for the automotive industry. The cab is also in several versions. In his design is highlighted aerodynamics. Adaptive control and electronic system even outside of fiction. The tests were conducted in several continents. Ofroad and 4x4 are incredibly synchronized to the difficult terrain, even climbing a steep 45 degrees- has several modes 4H, 4L. Experts said the model really worth the money.

Varna Airport has a new schedule for the summer

From May 1, 2016 is valid schedule for the summer season. Domestic airline remain with the same main carrier Bulgaria Air, which from the beginning of June will travel to major Russian cities. Low cost flights Wizz Air and Austrian Airlines go on with last year's schedule carrying passengers from European capitals. Charter flights from the UK, France, Russia and Eastern Europe will fly every week. This year are increased flights from all destinations especially from Scandinavian countries.

Getting to Varna Airport

The airport terminals are located in the west of the city after neighborhood Aksakovo. More precisely it is the beginning of the motorway to Sofia marked on the map as A2. If driving a car from downtown, the direction is straight on from the cathedral and the distance is about 8 km.
As time is about 15 minutes.

The new initiative

The Feast May 24 will meet the visitors arriving at airports of Bourgas and Varna. The welcome with treat of tasty slices of gingerbread in the shape of letters of the Bulgarian alphabet will happen during these days. The initiative is a reasonable solution to the franchise management of airports to acquaint foreigners with the alphabet in Bulgaria. Different flavor and color gingerbread and other gifts for arrivals from Western and Eastern Europe. In the future program provided various brochures in order to familiarize passengers with the rich capabilities of local culture and traditions. They will be distributed and small papers with popular Bulgarian sentences.

The new Mercedes-AMG 63

The newest model of Mercedes GLC will be produced with a motor of 500 horsepower. This is a revolutionary solution to the Germans concern. In the past 2015 the car had fame with his first sports modification and engine with 370 horsepower. Due to the fact that its name includes 63 this year 2016 he was awarded with the most powerful engine. Distribution of letting powerful is a priority of the rear axle, which improves robustness and behavior on the road. Manufacturers expect sales and earnings to grow in most multiple times. This model Mercedes GLS comes with a clear lead over its competitors from BMW.

The aerodromes of Varna and Burgas with 40% more arrivals in summer 2016

The hoped-for summer season comes. The coastal airports of Varna and Bourgas will be very busy during the 2016 year. The anticipated growth in tourist flow is over 40%. Airport handling claims no complication with arriving or departing aircras. Ongoing renovations to improve the design at the airport in Burgas are still ongoing. The corresponding are the circumstances at Varna airfield. The increase in incoming passengers is caused by the policy-making crisis in the Middle East. Varna airport started to meet the international flights of Condor company. The highest growing rates are charter flights from Germany by 20%, Russia- 30 percent and Poland by 40%, according to the statement of the Minister of Tourism. She said also that the season seems to be quite positive, although 90 beaches in Bulgaria remain without concessionaires. Tourist image of the Bulgarian Black Sea-side resorts as a destination as a family tourism. The problems with unguarded campgrounds also had been resolved.

Volunteers from several countries take a part in rose picking

Carnival dedicated to the world famous Bulgarian rose was held in the surrounding villages of Kazanlak. The region is known as the Valley of Roses and is frequented visit by foreigners from worldwide. Exports of Bulgarian Gul brought him popularity throughout Europe. Over the past five years, many volunteers arrived at Burgas Airport to participate in picking. Usually picking roses is early in the morning before the first dew on plants. The transport to the fields was organized and paid for by the municipality of Burgas. Some of the volunteers have decided to hire cars from Bourgas airport, because they prefer to travel only with their families. Participation in the Rose Carnival are nationals from Britain, Germany and Bulgaria.

An exhibition of Bulgarian costumes will welcome visitors at Varna Airport

Photographs of various production with unrivaled beauty of the traditional Bulgarian costumes were place on show in the luggage area at Varna International Airport. Original idea met with enthusiasm and curiosity of all arrivals at the terminals. The beautiful routines in folk costumes are popular in the country but for the first time touched the hearts of tourists. It is recognized that this type of advertising promote the porsh culture of Bulgaria to be long on display. The name Different Bulgaria tells viewers that in the entourage of the exhibition were selected collections of exquisite appearance and incite interest. Passengers of each landed plane will have the opportunity to enjoy the interesting moments of the Bulgarian folklore.

June 23 2016 will be opened tourist season in Sunny Beach

It is expected this week to be officially opened summer 2016 for the tourists chosen largest Bulgarian holiday resort for their summer vacation. Organizers of the opening are the governors of Sunny Beach PLC. The expectations for Bulgaria are optimistic. The number of tourists on Bulgarian Black Sea coast will be around 10 million this year. Along with the preparation of hotels to accommodate tourists, the organizers have provided a fund to provide entertainment and amenities such as organized excursions, car rentals and show programs in the tourist attraction venues. Once again the Bulgarian Riviera became the most popular destinations in Eastern Europe. Proof of this is the market marketing strategy with which the capacity of the resort increased by 5% each year.

Hire a car during the lower price season

At best time to travel and rest is the period after September. The moderate air temperatures and pleasant Bulgarian nature easily can be explored by the rental cars of TS Travel. Especially reinforced by the fact that prices of September 1 are significantly lower and everyone can afford to hire a car for a longer time in Bulgaria. Beautiful coastal resorts are welcoming its guests from around the world. Interested are the trips by car because on the road are less vehicles and tranquil atmosphere give relax nearby the marine regions. Some choose to travel to the mountain resorts whilst other unwinds near the sea cost. Both variants are preferred by tourists took a cheap car hire in Bulgaria. The low budget and reduced prices sometimes deliver more positive experiences than the planned annual vacation.

5 places you must visit if you drive around with car rental in Bulgaria

1. Nessebar – the ancient town is setS right on the Black Sea known as the town with 40 churches. The narrow cobbled streets winding through the old town are distinctive attraction for foreigners visit for the first time in this unique place. The old part of town is full of monuments. The city is included as particularly important protection and maintenance of the UNESCO list. There are several car parking where you can stop without a problem if you are foreigner with car rental. The circumferential groups arrived in the country must attend several churches, the Pantokratora and front fortification wall. The city is the isthmus that connects the new part.
2. Sozopol known since ancient times as the city of salvation. Similar infrastructure of Nessebar, rich in ancient and modern digs it attracts the attention not only of historians and archeologists but also tourists wishing to learn about the history of Bulgaria. The excavations before seven years have found the remains of John the Baptist. The old part is shaped like peninsula. Almost every 100 meters are set the archaeological excavations.
3. Varna, the largest town on the Black Sea coast. It hosts the world famous festivals, historic and archaeological museums, Dolphinarium, observatory and remains of ancient civilizations. In the summer it is visited by thousands of tourists from around the world. In the downtown have enough parking spaces.
4. Burgas he is popular as the best city to live in Bulgaria. Has changed beyond recognition over the past 10 years. The perfect roads, Sea Garden, St. Anastasia Island, and Zoo of peacocks are really proudness of the city. Bourgas Airport is one of the largest in Eastern Europe. Through it pass over 3 million tourists during the summer.
5. Obzor- the newest hit for summer holidays, known in antiquity as the Helios town. Located at the foot of the eastern slopes of Stara Planina, there are several excavations of old fortresses. Nature around the city and the seaside create an impressive view. Mountain, forest and sea-coupled attracting huge crowd of tourists in summer.

Renting a Car in Your City

Car rentals are very popular nowadays, especially among the foreign tourists. The travelers are obliged to get all the best from their trips and therefore to avoid long wait at the bus or train stations. Traveling alone make you feel positive, when you are about to explore something unique and unknown, such as our beautiful country in the eyes of the tourists, coming all over the world. In the past few years the tourists have found a new safe haven – the Southern Bulgarian seaside. To deal with the greater interest towards Burgas province, the local companies have opened their offices. They provide excellent service, dedicated for the wider range of foreigners, visiting our country. For some of the travelers a country like Bulgaria seems a greater challenge, due to the different lifestyle and way of life. But companies, like the vehicle rentals firms, make the tourists' lives much more easier and comprehensive. Imagine, if you have to deal with some bus or train delays, due to nasty weather or road conditions. Then the renting will help you out all the way to your vacation destination or business meeting. It is not a privilege anymore to rent a car. It is a convenient way to get easier and faster to desired city or holiday hotel. People from different countries and continents would love to roam around the Bulgarian countryside and find some unique place. It is possible with the help of rental's offices. The rental cars are few steps away from the very first place, where the foreigners got their impressions from Bulgaria – the Burgas airport. Right off the airport tourists could hire a vehicle, which is very convenient for all the travelers. Why?! Because some of them do not know much of the Bulgaria and its countryside. Renting a car is like a remedy for the imminent cultural shock, which is more likely to happen. Even if the travelers do not have immediate access to Internet service, the Burgas letting cars are easier to find, than a hotel vacancy at the Bulgarian seaside. Car rental companies provide full 24\7 service, which will satisfy even the picky Westerners, visiting our country for the first time. Renting companies offer a wide range of vehicles. All the needs of the foreigners are fully met and satisfied, such as the option to hire a car, right off the airport station.