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Pomorie Spa resort

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Pomorie is situated on the eastern Bulgarian coast, 20 kilometers north of Bourgas and 8 km from Bourgas Internatiomal Airport. The distance to Sunny Beach is 15 minutes by car. The town supplys car hire Pomorie services, bus station and a harbor. There are regular lines to all surrounding towns and resorts. Pomorie is dead end of the railway line Bourgas-Pomorie. The town is located on a narrow rocky peninsula, jutting out in the Black Sea, easy to reach by car rental. Its population is 15 650 people. The sea shore is low, up to 6-7 meters above sea level. There are delicious fruits, vegetables and grapes. Main goal in the region are wine factories. The first vine-growers' cooperative in Bulgaria was founded in Pomorie in 1898 and they called it "Saint Trifon". The manufacture of sea salt is an old trade and till the beginning of 20th century, salt was the reason to visit every year spa hotels in the old town. The beach is magnificent - covered with fine sand and the sea bottom is shallow and even. At places, sand is nearly black, because it contains iron and manganese. Summer is hot and dry, offering perfect condition for Pomorie car hire trips in the region.

Climate and facilities

The average July temperature is 23,6C and sea breeze refreshes air night-time. Relative air humidity is 78%. The temperature of sea water gives opportunities for baths till October. There are perfect conditions for sea tourism. Pomorie offers also famous as biggest spa resort with treatment procedure in a few hotels all year round. Very famous is Pomorie healing mud, obtained from the saltwater Pomorie lake. The town offers excellent conditions for wine testing trips, car hire excursions. Since, ancient times, Pomorie has been known as a wine center. Pomorie red and white wines are very popular not only in our country, but worldwide and the town vicinities are occupied by grape-vines. You can stay at a hotel, at a family pension, or you can rent a private rooml. The town has many places of entertainment, big and small restaurants and night clubs. It is nice to walk along the streets, or along the promenade. There is also a summer theatre.

History and sightseeing

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The town area has been inhabited since ancient times. The healing properties of Pomorie lake attracted Thracians near the shores yet during 411 century B.C. and they called it "holy". During 4th and 5th century B.C., during the great Hellenic colonization of Euxinus Pont, Anhialos was a token of gratitude, the Turk became a Christian and built a small church and a holy spring. Today, the spring is located at the base of the monastery belfry. The sightseeing tours start at museum of salt is a comparatively new museum (opened in year 2002). It reveals the ancient technology for the production of sea salt. In also includes a large area of working facilities for salt production. Salt is manufactured in the same way as people in Anhialo. The museum is about 800 meters from the town center.


Near Pomorie lakes are gathered in very salty lagoon pretty well observed of car hire trips along the road E87, located in a protected locality. It is situated 2 kilometers north of the town. It is long 6,7 kilometers. It is separated from the sea by a sand stripe, 6 kilometers long and its surface is below sea level, but offen filmed by tourist use the car rental Pomorie. Some of the area is swampy and the bottom is covered with black oily healing mud. Near the shores, you can see reed, there are also rare plants - a marshy snowdrop and other specific plant and animal species, which inhabit salt waters. The unique ecological system of Pomorie lake is included in the list of ornithological important places in Europe and in the Ramsar Convention about wet zones. There are many birds here. There are salt factories on the western shore.

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