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Sofia is the capital of the Republic of Bulgaria situated in west part of the country. Being in a central position on the Balkan peninsula, the region is a junction of primary routes for the traffic, running basically to and from Central and East Europe on one side, and Istanbul, the Black and the Aegean seas, on the other. In the midst of the vast Sofia plain, at the northern foot of the Vitosha Mountain visit every weekend and on several spacious pre-historical terraces of the Iskar river and its tributaries, the average altitude is about 550 m above sea level, and estimated 700 m to the south. In matters of transportation Sofia is a node in a comprehensive set of international and domestic transport connections, and the country's broadest set-up of transports when it comes to urban rental transportation capabilities, as well. The Sofia terminal is second largest in Bulgaria located some 383 km from Bourgas Airport which is most important for internation flights. Bus lines serving specific country bound destinations are grouped and labelled East, South and West bus regions, respectively.

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The International airport and Domestic flights are round the-clock offered and available at the Sofia Airport in Vrazhdebna Airport, currently undergoing parallel re-construction. The transport, ticket sales, advance booking and any travel information. fairly well organised and functioning via a thick meshwork of trams, busses and trolleybuses. In addition, car hire in Sofia Airport are easy way to get to any point of the country. Since 1998 one of the several future routes (radial beam) of the Metropolitan railway has been operable connecting downtown area with the Obelya suburb village. In 2007 a second terminal open at Sofia Airport car rental like a modern European airport. Quite a large number of tourist agencies are available in the central area offering arrangement of any tourist firms, useful information, and ect.


The capital is a starting point for multiple routes to sites of tourist interest trips, driving in Vitosha, the Iskar Gorge, or eye-catching sites positioned sideways along the highways leading to towns like Samokov, Pirdop, Ihtiman, etc. If you happen to be a lover of on-foot tours, then Rewarding Routes, Recommended for Walks around the capital of Sofia with sightseeing opportunities by car rental, are likely to include many historical, ethnographical and cultural places in Sofia. At the present day is the biggest, trade, political, cultural and educational centre in Bulgaria. Its population is approximately 1490 000 people. Around one quarter of the industrial production of the country is concentrated in the the surrounding region - from coal mining and machinery to electronics and light industry. Every foreign firm that wants to begin business in Bulgaria opens its first office in the capital.

The seats of the executive and legislative branches of government are here. Sofia is the centre of many cultural events - of both local and national significance - concerts, competitions, fairs and festivals. With its many prestigious universities the capital also attracts a majority of the Bulgarian university students. Save the accommodation in large hotels, everywhere throughout Sofia Airport, particularly in the central area, hosts of cosy little private-run hotels and boarding houses provide shelter for the night on reasonably low prices.