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The town is growing as the newest beach resort. TS Travel car hire Obzor in the town have incredible low price and many useful get advises about driving in this splendid part of Bulgaria Obzor is well known as Bulgarian spa and sea resort altogether, as very appropriate for beach holidays and lung diseases treatment. The wide bay, where Obzor is located 30 km nirth from Sunny Beach resort and some 60 kilometers south from Varna Airport, starts north of cape Saint Atanas and reaches southwards to the Emine mountain, almost 6 kilometers long. Many tourist use our economy car rental Obzor to visit all the beautiful mountain slopes and long sandy strips which give impression for a quiet low cost vacation and peaceful relaxing. The sea water is very clear and the beach is cover by fine sand.

The climate is moderate continental with condiderable Black Sea influence. There are some rainy days. Virgin nature, warm sea water, shady forests, beautiful rocky hills, fresh sea breeze and pine mountain air are features for the area. The place is perfect for those, who want escape from the noisy resorts, drive our car hire. It provides excellent conditions for family rest and romantics atmosphere amongst peaceful surroundings. During the last years, many comfortable small low price hotels were built. Nowadays luxury hotels were built right on the beach, revealing ability for car hire right from the hotel. Between Obzor and Byala, there are some camping sites, where you can rent a bungalow, or pitch up a tent. Tourists can spend their time at the log flume, in the place of entertainment. There are many bars, discos, cafes and restaurants, which can be seen by car rental tours.

Historical places

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The ancient name of this town was Navlohos and later Greeks called it Heliopolis - the sun town. During Roman times, the town was called Templum Jovis (Jupiter's temple). During antiquity, nearby was located a Roman stop and a fortress, which guarded successfully commercial sea roads. Divers and archaeologists do researches on the sea bottom. There were discovered remains of Jupiter's temple, antique anchors - in the past, they were made of stone and wood. Here, you can also see Roman coins and amphora. The town center has a small park, where are shown the remains from Jupiter's temple. Three kilometers west of Obzor, if you travel by car rental in the lands belonging to Dyulino village, visible is the medieval fortress Kozyak.

Its ruins are on a hill, protected naturally from three sides, above the valley of the river Dvoinitsa. The fortress was studied by the archaeologists Shkorpil brothers in the end of 19th century. The remains of a tower in the northern part, walls and a well were also preserved. There was a port. History says that the fortress was captured by Byzantine troops in the ancient times - 1277-1280, where broke Ivailo's uprising, one of the first anti- feudal revolts in Europe. In 1366, the fortress fell in Byzantine hands. TS Travel low cost car hire and affordable low rate present many occasions to visit this historical place.

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