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Bourgas is the fourth of importance city in Bulgaria with population of aprox. 250 000 people and possess international airport. It's important industrial and transport centre. Situated 399 kilometers away from the Bulgarian capital and posses the largest Black Sea bay. The favourable location of the Bourgas Airport makes it very important aviation. TSTravel is local Bulgarian company which provides low cost car hire in Bourgas International Airport. The airport is important factor for the country and plays the role of the third emergency landing track on the Balkan Peninsula. The aerodrome occupies 2500000 sq m and performs passengers and cargo flights and many tourist prefer directly after landing to have discount Bourgas Airport car hire.

The airport

If ask someone where is Bourgas Airport everyone will explain - in Sarafovo quarter, some 8 km away from downtown. There are several low cost companies with regular flights like Wizz Air, Monarch Airlines, Thomas Cook and Thomsonfly. Bourgas Aiport is very busy destination during the summer because throuit are passing few millions tourist every year. It's a open gate to the word and it's convenient for traveller to hire from Bourgas Airport car rental and starts the planned tour in Bulgaria. In close proximity are located large beach resorts like Sunny Beach, Pomorie, Sv. Vlas and Sozopol. The official Bourgas Aiport code is BOJ. At TSTravel desk in arrivals hall everyone easy can find economy car rental. The cheapest prices and quality service is main priority.

The harbour

The town is a cultural and an educational centre. There are many universities, theatres, stadiums and art galleries. The port is largest one on the Black sea coast. It operates all-year-round with cargo ships from all over the world. The modern facilities and central location with direct connection to the port makes it very pleasant stay for many ships. The central beach is mostly visited from the tourists during the summer. Bourgas is well-know as beach resort. The region is famous for its productions of sea salt.

Places to go

It is very interesting for the traveler to explore the sights of the city. Bourgas International Airport is of paramount importance during the summer season. When planning your vacation and needing a rental car, you can always rent from the terminal even if you do not have a reservation. The complex serves flights from over 40 destinations around the world. Every year, it is being renovated and providing more comfort for the travelers. Close to it, there are sights worth seeing. Only 8 km before Pomorie is an ancient Thracian tomb, and 12 km the largest salt museum. Bourgas has plenty of museums, historical monuments and landmarks.

The advantage of looking at everything in a short time is to rent a car Burgas. Lakes around the town are a favorite place for migratory birds. Some of them are turned into reserves and there are built observation towers. Solariums are several in number and are a unique phenomenon, the largest on the Balkan Peninsula. Lake Vaya hosts over 250 species of birds, most of them in the Red Book. Only 8 km south of the city are preserved the excavations of Fort Foros. Between the districts of Meden Rudmik and Gorno Ezerovo can find the remarkable monastery of the Virgin Mary. The newly opened Aqua Kalide Museum is situated on the territory of the famous Bourgas Mineral Baths. It is an ancient landmark since the 14th century. The Natural Science and Historical Museum are located in the central part of the city, while sculptors and an interesting part of the fauna are placed in the seaside garden.

The pleasure can be realized and it is quite convenient if you get car hire in Bourgas Airport directly after landing to visit all the famous places. The infrastructure has considerable development during the last decade. The tourists who visit the city can easy booking online standard cars models and mini vans, public transport or taxi. In the central part of the town are set abundance of cafes, restaurants, offering Bulgarian and UK cuisine, bars and fast-food. If someone need to escape from the hustle and bustle, best way is to go to the airport and rent a car and to pay a visit in holiday resorts around. The thermal waters and mineral baths are a must for the development of medical tourism and the lakes around the city are natural landmarks, which attract many holiday-makers. The head office of TSTravel has car hire location in Bourgas near the central bus and railway station and branch at Bourgas Airport Arrivals. In either places can make bookings online or direct visit.