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When driving a car to the east do not have to miss the beautiful Bulgarian resort. Our company offers discount car rental in Golden Sands. The professional service and low prices for car rental makes your stay an unforgettable vacation. Situated away from the hustle and bustle the resort offers beautiful views which leave very good impressions to the drivers. With car hire in Golden sands the travellers enjoy the nice landscaped views among sandy beaches and natural forests. The resort is the second largest beach resort. It is located in the eastern part of Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast some 17 kilometers north of Varna Varna and 446 km from Sofia . There is a combination of mountain air, nature and crystal sea water. The resort is easy accessible by car or bus. Drivng in direction north of Varna on E87 road after 17 km must turn on the right. The complex well known for its unique combination of sandy beach and crystal sea water, provides a nice enviroment for car rental. Car Hire in Golden sands The convenient location of Golden Sands at the National Park makes it a popular eco-resort. Its was established in 1943 as national reserve. The region is rich in karst springs, numerous caves and rocky areas. Its territory is covered by dense forests and mixed deciduous and coniferous vegetation. During the hot summer days, you can stroll along shady paths, enjoy the fresh air or chirping birds. The park covers an total area 20 300 ha.


Aladzha rock monastery is a monastery located above the resort park. The Caves were inhabited from the 4th century in high-cut bluff. They are only available when using the rope ladder and the ladder is pulls in the event of danger. After many years two floors were connected by vertical wooden posts, on the scale. During 13th to 18th century, there existed a large monastery complex. Best preserved cave is those which was used for chapel. On the walls, you can still see frescoes from the 14th century. According to legend, a sea pirates took refuge in the rocky areas. There is a focus of traditional Bulgarian hospitality and suitable for visitors with car rental in Golden Sands. Rent a car with low rates combined with a comprehensive competitive rates are very reasonable for tourists from Britain and Eastern Europe. The rental cars include different types of vehicles, including mini-vans with discount price.