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Duni Royal Resort

Duni car rental

The Duni Royal Resort is situated some 5 kilometres south from Sozopol, in a wide bay, which reaches the northern slopes of the Strandja Mountain. It posses a small yacht harbors. You can visit this place by car hire Duni to stay for short break. Water is crystal clear here and the beach is one of the best in the region. It is covered with fine sand. The resort was named after a natural landmark the unique sand formation Dunes. The region was declared a natural reserve and stores rare plants and pine forests. The resort of Duni built in 1987, is a modernized version of Bulgarian Renaissance architecture. The buildings - small hotels, villas and bungalows are located among a pine forest on the seashore. Together with the narrow shady streets, squares and greenery, the resort is a convenient spot. During the summmer holidaymakers booking discount car rental to go around the amazing environment. There are many entertainments, that can bring you joy during the holiday - a sea stroll, a boat cruise to the near natural and cultural landmarks, sea and river fishing and sport. The natural reserve "Ropotamo" is located several kilometers southwards.

The pictures bay of Alepu (Greek mane means the Fox) which host the Duni Royal resort includes a swamp and two small lakes. It is separated from the sea through a sand stripe and main road, which has panorama view travelling by car rental. The swamp, called foxy, is a picturesque place, grown with reed. There is a lot of fish in it. The beach here is about 5 kilometers long and it has magnificent dunes and sand. This is a wild and secluded place, which does not offer the amenities of civilization.


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For those of you, who are eager to know: Dunes are sandy hills, formed by wind. They can be seen on the seaside, because there are vast open territories, covered with sand. From the direction of wind, their slopes are lower and from the opposite side - steeper. Along the Bulgarian sea coast driving your Duni car hire, you can see dunes near Shabla, Nessebar, Sozopol and Primorsko. At some places, hills can reach a height of 20 meters. Dry loving flora grows on the hills. It is very important, because its roots strengthen dunes and protect them from destruction. The summer resort of Duni is one lovely spot of Bulgarian Black sea shore. The mouth of the river Ropotamo is located 10 kilometers away from the holiday village. You can get there by taxi, or by bus or car hire along the road from Bourgas Airport to our southern Black Sea resorts. There are bus stops in the holiday resort Duni, in Arkutino and at the quay of Ropotamo.

The river Ropotamo is formed by the joining of two rivers - The Tserovska river, which takes its source from the Strandja mountain and the Rosenska river, which rises from Medni rid. The river goes to the sea through a wide and plain valley around which can make round tour with car hire. It flows into the sea at Saint Dimiter cape. Downstream, you will see many marshy regions, which are periodically splashed with water. It is the kingdom of sea forests, where you will see on your way lianas, a wild grape-vine, traveller's joy and other entwining plants. Here, you will enjoj one of the most famous fields of water lilies - white and yellow. The river mouth is a part of the national park Ropotamo. Its area is about 1000 hectares and it is included in the Ramsar Convention about wet zones in the world. Birds of passage fly over its territory - their route is called Via Pontica. The park includes several natural reserves - Vodni Lilii, Zmiyski Ostrov, Arkutino and Morski pelin. Downstream, you can navigate.-.From the quay, you can get on a boat and go on an excursion to the river mouth. During underwater archaeological researches around the river mouth, we found many amphora vases.

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