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Kavarna is located 77 kilometres north of Varna, on the eastern Bulgarian coast some 17 km from Balchik. The town lie at the end of the southern slopes of Dobrudja plateau, which rise above the sea coast. The locality is very beautiful and soil is very fertile. The high plateau is cut into two by valleys, descending to the sea. Kavarna is forming like uppermost place for summer vacations in Bulgaria. Car hire Kavarna fleet including small economy cars, estate and mini vans, offers low prices and full insurances. There are many discounts available on request.

The roads are repaired and features for car rental Kavarna are good chance to visit the region inland. The great cape Chirakman, Diavolski rid and Green cape rise magnificently and the slopes are full of caves. Nowadays it is great opportunity to hire cars and visit architectural landmarks and beautiful landscapes. The region is rich in subterranean waters. The region is very rich of mineral springs, whose water is very good for drinking. Kavarna is a fishermen's settlement - it has a fishing base and also a plantation for the cultivated growing of black mussels. It is located 18 kilometres north of Balchik and 61 kilometres away from Varna Airport. Its population is 11 000 people. Many car hire clients found the region of Kavarna very interested Archaeological places evidence of old century traditions.

History and landmarks

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History of the town includes different periods. During the 14th century, it was the main city of the independent principality of Karvuna Land founded by the boyars Balik, Dobrotitsa and Ivailo, who restored the town after Tatar invasions. During the time of the Russo-Turkish war of liberation the town was burned and deserted by the Ottoman troops. After its subsequent restoration it became an agrarian and fishing centre. The inhabitants took active part in the Durankulak rebellions during 1900. These were massive protests in the regions of Varna, Bourgas, Shabla and Durankulak - the largest of which exploded after the initiation of a back-breaking tax levied on grain by the government. The low price of our car hire services and insurance are guaranteed. The town is a part of Dobrich district and has regular bus lines to Dobrich and other towns in the countryside.

It has a small port and a passenger quay and also has transport connections with other Black Sea ports. Resort potential owns many natural resourses, which every visitor can find by car rental trips. The fleet consist of small economy cars, compact and standard and minivans as well. Every year many famous rock groups have concerts in Kavarna. We will provide best car rental deals for you with fully comprehensive price and special rates for region. The resort zone is on the seashore, 2-3 kilometres away from the town, but there is good transport to it. The climate is strongly influenced by the Black Sea. It rains most often during the autumn and it is usually dry springtime and summertime. When hire a car with affordable low rates you save more money during your stay in Bulgaria.

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