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The small holiday resort of Chernomorets is situated some 24 kilometers south of Bourgas a nd 6 kilometers away from Sozopol. Its p opulation is 2000 people. It lies near the panorama road, that connects Bourgas with the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, on the seashore. The sea is clean and air is fresh You can go to this resort by bus, or by taxi, or by car hire Chernomorets. We can bring the car at your hotel in Chernomorets. The village is a preferred holiday place well developed last decade with its favourable location on the eastern Bulgarian coast. The shore is slightly indented and there are cozy creeks, in places, it is low and descends to the sea. It is surrounded by low rocks on the south, which can enjoy your your car rental. A panorama road goes south of Bourgas and connects all towns and villages on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It reaches Tsarevo. From there, the Turkish border is easy to reach by car hire, Rezovo, there is a third-class road. Nearby Chernomorets is located the naval base Atia" and the oil terminal of the port.

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The name Atia dates from ancient Thracian times. There are traces of a Stone Age settlement visible from main road travelling by car rental, an antique mound necropolis and this place is also famous for the oldest found sculpture monument in Bulgaria - an ancient Greek marble statue from 5th century B.C. There i s a church at Atia cape. The creek Atia has a yacht port, a beach and quays for fishermen's boats. Chernomorets offers excellent conditions for family holiday, car hire offices and beaches with nice fine sand. It is become one with beautiful town of Sozopol. It has several beaches - a central, Vromos" beach (3 kilometers away) and ,,Chervenka" beach.

During the last years, the village is growing very fast. Many stylish, multi story hotels were built and they formed a new holiday complex. There are also many private villas here. If you are planning to hire a car in Chernomorets during your holidays then you're on the right place. The village dispose of restaurants, cafes, bars, discos and some hostels. If you come by car rental is not difficult to find private lodgings or some family run hotel, private villa, or guesthouse (has t he conveniences of a two star hotel). Near Chernomorets in di rection is located the camping site Gradina it has a nice beach with sand and dunes. The bay between the camping sites, Zlatna ribka". There are many petrol stations very useful for car hire holiday makers.

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