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The small village of Sinemorets is situated some 5 km from Ahtopol and 90 km from Bourgas, but it is easy to be reached by car hire travelling on the seaside road It is the last but one populated place before the Turkish border and it is the southernmost Bulgarian holiday resort. Its population is 260 people. The village is located on a peninsula, south of the mouth of the river Veleka. Only 15 years ago it belonged to the border guarded zone between Bulgaria and Turkey and it was accessible after a special regime pass. Today the village become a beach resort. There are regular bus lines and car rental service to Bourgas and the nearby settlements; it has also a small yacht port. There are many hotels, hotel complexes, hostels and private lodgings here. There is an opportunity for rural tourism by 4 x 4 car hire vans. Sinemorets is often visited by fans of natural beauty.

You will like its nice lonely beaches with crystal water, the fresh coolness of Strandja forests, which reach the very shore, the calmness and southern climate. You can see in the vicinity deer and fawns. The season for beach holidays is from May to October. The village has five beaches, three of which are located very near it. The northern beach "The Mouth" is located in a wide open creek by a river mouth. The beach is sandy and the sea - deep, often with big waves. The southern beach "Butamiata" is the most visited by car hire nature lovers and it is guarded. The wide sand stripe is surrounded by a forest. This beach of Sinemorets offers many tourist and car rental services. If you prefer virgin nature, go southwards. There, you will see virgin beaches. Do not expect to see a line of umbrellas and chaise longues. The decoration here are exotic rocks with weird shapes, golden sand and crystal clear water - the beach "Linden trees" is surrounded by a thick forest, the beach "Leaves" is only 40-50 minutes away by foot and the beach "Silistar" - the last Bulgarian beach before the Turkish border.

Surroundings and car rental opportunities

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The river Silistar flows into its left end and Strandja forests reach its shore. The sea here is shallow and warm. Tourist attractions are excursions by boat along the river Veleka, river and sea fishing, photo safari, car hire, biking, tracking in a Strandja forest, which is easily accessible and rich in animal and plant species, mushrooms and herbs. Special outings by car rental jeeps are organized for amateur ornithologists - an observation of forest and river birds. There are dunes in the region between Ahtopol and Rezovo, where you can see passing with your car rental. The oldest written document about Sinemorets dates from 1498. Since ancient times, the village name has been associated with crystal clear sea water. They called it Galadzaki and Kalanja. In the 12th century, the village is often attacked by sea pirates and that's why, its inhabitants periodically left it in order to find an asylum in the Strandja mountain.

The village name is given in 18th century sea maps. Medieval ceramics and the remains of an old ship were found during underwater archaeological researches in the aquatic area north of the village. There are Thracian burial mounds on the peninsula, a church "Saint George", ruins from a chapel and the remains from a fortified settlement on cape Butamiata. In the vicinity there is a unique natural reserve, that includes the rivers Veleka and Rezovo, the beautiful shore, where the mountain touches the sea and the forest hills of the Strandja mountain and worth to see with car rental trip the Cape Silistar and Silistar Bay. They are a part of the protected locality Dokuzak. It is located only 6 kilometers from Sinemorets southwards. The bay has a magnificent beach. You can go there by car hire. The Cape Kastrich - it is located south of Silistar Bay. The region is a guarded border zone. There are remains from a small fortress with a rectangular plan - probably it was the medieval fortress Kastricion and there were burial mounds.

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