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Kiten is a small town situated in eastern part of Bulgaria on Black sea coast on a tiny peninsula in the southern part of the nice creek Karaagach, 60 km south from the Bourgas Airport. It has a very peaceful surrounding which deserves to be seen by car hire Kiten, crystal sea water and sandy beaches. The town, 5 kilometers south of Primorsko, is almost become one. Its population is 870 people. Vine-growing, fruit-growing and fishing have traditions here. Using the car rental Kiten you'll reach the mouth of the river Karaagach (the Kiten river), which flows into the Black Sea, is nearby. Its territory is swampy, teeming with fish and there are many water-loving plants nearby. The holiday resort, although small in size, has a big tourist potential. It is a suitable place for family tourism, because of the many and spacious beaches. There are two guarded beaches. Atliman" is to the north, it is smaller and sheltered from winds, with fine golden sand, Urdoviza" is to the south with darker sand.

Hire a Car in Kiten

In summertime, many tourists come here and you can stay at a luxury hotel, or at a private rest home. If you like camping sites, you can rent a bungalow, car rental or stretch a tent in one of the six camping sites. There are many restaurants with folk songs and also youths' discotheques and car hire services. You can use the yacht port and big car rental parking. Kiten has a holiday healing complex for treating fatness in people; mineral water. At the peninsula cape, you can see the remains from the medieval fortress Urdoviza, called by Romans Orudiza. It existed till 14 century, when was taken by Turks, after that was abandoned. The place was again populated in the beginning of 20th century. The history of this fortress Urdoviza is associated with the beautiful girl's name Stanka Urdoviza.

The legend says that the very Turkish sultan liked the girl and wanted to have it. In order to win her love, he promised to exempt from taxes all lands, which she would manage to tour by horse for a single day. The brave girl rode on horseback from sunrise to sundown and toured nearly the whole Strandja mountain. At the end of the day, she died with her horse in the bay near the seashore. Today, the name of this creek Atliman - Horse's Bay, which is easy to tour by car hire, reminds us of the exploit, performed by this brave girl. True, or not, historical sources say that during Ottoman rule Hasekiata - the historical area in the northern part of the Strandja mountain, 40 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide was a privileged land, exempted from taxes.

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