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Tsarevo, a royal town, is one of the southernmost Bulgarian Black Sea resorts. It is situated some 70 kilometers away from Bourgas. The regular bus lines and car hire services joined to surrounding towns and villages on the southern Black Sea coast. It has a yacht port. Its population is 5900 people. It is situated on two peninsulas, surrounded by bays. This is really a southern town, where people grow pomegranate, fig, oranges, lemons, tangerines, olive trees and other southern fruits. Fishing, vine-growing and fruit-growing are well-developed. Beautiful sights to be remembered, a unique combination of sand beaches, creeks and rivers will impress you driving your car rental. The climate is mild, southern, with Aegean influence. In Tzarevo you can feel the exotics of warm seas. Tsarevo has three beaches - central, priest's and firewalkers' one.

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The beach Firewalker is covered with black sand and sea conchs and the sun shines strongly on it. Arapia is the biggest beach, which is separated from the town, but easy to get to by car hire. You can stay at a hotel (including a luxury one), rent a private room, a villa, or you can holiday in a rest home. We must mention the camping sites here. The new town has a promenade with beautiful panorama views to the sea, coast and the aqua park. The region of Tsarevo offers excellent conditions for ecological tourism, biking, interesting routes, hunting tourism, sports and underwater fishing. The Strandja Mountain is nearby - the most mysterious Bulgarian mountain and a big pleasure to travel inside by car hire.

The fans of photo tourism or car rental can take unique photos of migratory birds and natural landscapes. Tsarevo has been an ancient port since ancient times. It was founded by ancient Greeks during their settlement along the Black Sea coast. The town of Tzarevo takes the names in the centuries ago like Vasiliko, Vasilikyuz and Bosilikovo. The settlement was located near the place of the present-day village Lozenets. Turkish attacks and big fires, which destroyed people's houses, are the reason for its inhabitants to move to the present place in 1880. After the liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish rule in 1878, the southern territories of our country, including Tsarevo, remained under the Turkish rule.

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