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The town of Balchik is founded on the coastline. It is situated only 9 kilometres away from the resort of Albena in a small sea creek. Its population is 12 500 people. TS Travel is reliable Bulgarian Balchik car hire company having professional services, new cars and fully comprehensive prices. The tips for driving around Balchik and options for car rental Balchik are available online. This town is located 43 kilometres from Varna and has good connections to the Varna Airport. They call it the city of white rocks. The town have very good roads to rent a car. It has a modern harbour and a very beautiful sea bay. The houses are situated along the terraced-like slopes of Dobruja plateau. The geological foundation of these beautiful rocks is white limestone.

The sea is low down, 150-200 metres away, beaches are narrow and long. Balchik brag with gorgeos botanic garden, located on the sea. It has a port - the third biggest Bulgarian seaport. Easy access to the harbour is very trouble free, there are a few car parking places. Town favourable location make it very attractive region for summer holidays and car rental trips in the vicinity. Exclusively favourable low price are very attractive for clients having a short stay in Balchik.

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The town successfully combines the comfort of a modern resort with its millennial history. Nature and man united in order to create one of the most picturesque places on the northern Black Sea coast - the Main Street, which descend to the seashore, flush greenery, red roofs, white rocks and a blue sea. Temperatures during the spring time are tolerable, winter is mild and autumn is warm and sunny. It rains mainly springtime and late in the autumn. Many architectural monuments in this medieval Bulgarian town will reveal its beauties for you eyes driving car rental there. There are also mineral springs, whose temperature is 31 C.

The town has many private family hotels, which offer also breakfast and dinner. You can also rent a private room. If you wish, you can stroll along the seashore - the beach is nearly 4 kilometres long. Our representatives in this area can provide cheap small car, estate and minivans for you car hire. The small streets in the city center will help for your joyful mood. The port in Balchik has a yacht terminal. There are possibilities of car rental and yacht hire packages. The history of the Balchik dates many centuries ago.

Thracians were the first settlers in this region. We learn about this from archaeological findings - more than 2000 years old - statues, a tomb and a Thracian chariot. Most probably, this place was inhabited during the Stone Age - 4000-3000 years B.C. The ancient Greek colony Kunai (the name, translated from Greek means �springs"). Nowadays Balchik is extraordinary lovely place with modern architecture. Car hire rate is still low for that region, some discounts including delivery to your door and comprehensive prices are available.

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