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Varna Airport car hire

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Varna is located on Black sea in east part of Bulgaria, some 425 from Sofia Airport and 124 km from Bourgas Airport. The town has a modern and easy accessible airport situated some 10 km away from the centre right on the motorway. TS Travel is a local company provides reliable car hire Varna Airport with discount prices and high-quality services. The travellers receive instant bookings online with 24 hours support and special discounts for regular clients from UK and Russia. Varna Airport poses all the new requirements and regulations of world conventions for safety air transportation. The status of the Varna Airport includes domestic and international flights. It stays open during all the year and it's a gateaway of the thousands of forigners in the Bulgarian resorts summertime. The discount for car hire in Varna always is a pleasant surprise for the clients.

Varna Airport has all the new requirements and regulations of world conventions for safety air transportation. The Varna Airport provides domestic and international flights. It opens all-year-round and it's a gate of the thousands of tourists visiting the Bulgarian sea coast during the summer with flights from 35 countries. Varna Airport car hire has very important service for business trips all-year-round. The customers easy can find our office for car rental Varna Airport. During the last decade the newest third terminal has been built, which expand the services and facilitate the heavy traffic. It offers to the passengers restaurant, caffee, Duty free shops and free car park. The newest navigation systems mounted on it are very helpful through the storms and rains.


The region of Varna is rich of mineral springs which are utilize in hotels procedures. At the entrance the town has a canal, which connects the lake and Black sea, and the centre with Asparuhovo and Galata. The climate is moderate, it rains comparatively seldom and rainfalls are typical for the country. The sunniest months are July, August and September. Autumn is warm and dry, whilst the winter is very mild and that's why there are possibilities for all year round to take car hire Varna. There are several beaches - long sand stripes, separating the town from the beach. The region offers excellent conditions for a holiday all year around and also for business, cultural tourism and car hire Varna Airport. The city is a centre of a developed industrial region - food, glass, textiles, dressmaking, electronics and electrical engineering are typical of it.

Transport of Varna

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The central railway is located on the oldest railway line in Bulgaria, whilst the seaport is the second biggest in Bulgaria. It disposes of big marine port complex, comprising of five smaller ports. It has a bus station and regular lines connected it with the major Bulgarian towns. During you stay there is better to rely on the car hire than a taxi. The city has five universities - Medical, Economic, Technical University and the Marine University "Nikola Jonkov Vaptsarov". Tourism, Varna Airport car hire services, wine-growing and port play an important role in the economy of this region. The holiday season starts from June and ends in September. During this period, streets are full of people and according to statistics the town doubles its population. The regular transport lines connect the town with the surrounding resorts which schedule can be found by telephone. Many national cultural festivals are held in Varna, which can easier be seen traveling by car with driver. The festival and congress centre help for the distribution of congress tourism, and information about our Varna car hire are useful for the business or leisure travellers in centre of Varna. The theatres, operas, philharmonic orchestras and a puppet theatres, museums and public libraries make Varna very attractive and popular place in Bulgaria.

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